Australasian Sound Recording Association (ASRA)

The Australasian Sound Recordings Association Inc. (ASRA) was formed in 1986, from the Australian Branch of the International Association of Sound Archivists.

ASRA is an association for those interested in recorded sound.

The Association is made up of private record collectors, professional sound archivists, radio broadcasters and social historians, consisting of individuals and institutions with a strong interest in sound recording history, its development and all related activities.

International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives (IASA)

A growing proportion of the cultural legacy of the last 100 years is in the form of sound and moving image recordings. If your archive, library, museum, business or organisation is responsible for any aspect of the archival management of audiovisual material, or if you have a personal or professional interest in this important part of our heritage, then you could benefit from membership in IASA.