Conference Themes

No Archive is an Island

  • Low resource tropical archiving
  • Grass root archiving with small institutes and small nations
  • Interconnection and cooperation
  • Resource sharing
  • Federated digital delivery systems
  • Cooperative delivery systems in an innovative environment
  • Oral histories: rising tides - cultural tides, tides of Native Title and Indigenous ownership
  • Isolation, Innovation and Diversity
  • Remote broadcasting and archive implications.
  • Preservation of historical memories in sound and audiovisual forms
  • Audiovisual records as a memory of revolutionary change
  • The role of archives retaining history

Preliminary Program Outline

Sunday 14 September

  • IASA Executive Board Meeting
  • Close Technical Committee Meeting
  • New Comers Registration and Information Session
  • Welcome Reception

Monday 15 September

  • Research Archives Section
  • National Archives Section
  • Cataloguing and Documentation Committee
  • Technical Committee
  • Radio Sound Archives Section
  • Discography Committee
  • Training Committee

Tuesday 16 September

  • IASA General Assembly. Part I (Members only)
  • Keynote speech
  • Conference Sessions
  • Conference Sessions

Wednesday 17 September

  • Conference Sessions

Thursday 18 September

  • Conference Sessions
  • Professional Visits

Friday 19 September

  • IASA General Assembly. Part (Members only)
  • Conference Sessions
  • IASA Executive Board Meeting with the Officers of Sections, Committees and Branches (Closed meeting)
  • Farewell dinner